Friday, September 16, 2011

Zapaday | PocketInfo emerging websites to watch

Trend | Datamining , Automated Search
Location | The Netherlands

PocketInfo is looking forward to the release of Zapaday.

Zapaday is an open news agenda and a global public calendar. Zapaday lets you see the future with day-by-day events, news stories, facts and trivia.

This video tells how Zapaday wants to move the focus of the web from the past to the future.

Zapaday should be useful for journalists, bloggers, political analysts, marketers, event organizers, PR professionals, scientists and travelers.

As soon as the site goes past Alpha PocketInfo will start incorporating some threads into this site.

Zapaday Address | Zapaday BV
Waterlooplein 125
1011PG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Story Update - Have sent another prompt through to the team at Zapaday and I am awaiting the feedback.
They still seem to be in Alpha stage. The only site I think i've seen like it is Topix though as I haven't seen it I'm only guessing at this point.

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Zapaday, Online Tools , Topix , Trends , The Netherlands  - updated Nov 24th 2011 (original post Sept 16th)


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