Sunday, August 31, 2014

Has George Ezra ever been to Budapest?

George Ezra | Budapest

George Ezra is a singer songwriter from England who is currently getting a bit of attention due to his catchy song Budapest.

It hit number one in both Austria and here in New Zealand in the past few weeks. I mentioned the song to a Hungarian colleague of mine who hails from this beautiful city. In the process I did him two favors - making him aware of George Ezra's talent and bringing his attention to the  musical platform Spotify. I was surprised he hadn't heard of Spotify as there are advertisements to be found all around Auckland but now he has I am sure he will help slow down the broadband speed available across the network in the office.

Budapest still remains one of my favourite cities on this ever changing planet. Unlike many of the 'new cities' around the world Budapest has kept its historical grandeur and links to the past. 

What I didn't realise is that the even more ancient city of Aquincum was located within the greater area of the Budapest Metropolis. A Celtic tribe settled in the area around 50BC known as the Eravisci. This tribe occupied much of Hungary (then known as Transdanubia) and like many tribes across Europe at the time were ultimately killed or controlled by the Romans by the end of the 2nd century.
Queenstown | One of the Uber rich destinations in NZ

Back to the 21st Century it seems that even the uber rich are taking a fancy to visiting Hungary and Budapest again.

According to the luxury travel network Virtuoso  Hungary has had an 86% surge in popularity as a destination for the rich over the past year.

Virtuoso's typical client is 56 years of age, married or partnered and earning around $200,000 per household with a net worth of $1.75million.

New Zealand leads Virtuoso's top 10 growing destinations, followed by Chile and Indonesia with a growth rate of 103 per cent each.

Virtuoso's Top 10 growing destinations - 2014

1. New Zealand (+ 196%)
2. Chile (+ 103%)
3. Indonesia (+ 103%)
4. Hungary (+ 86%)
5. Hong Kong (+ 72%)
6. Croatia (+ 68%)
7. Australia (+ 58%)
8. Ecuador (+ 57%)
9. Greece (+ 57%)
10. Norway (+ 54%)

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